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Aliados estratégicos Sysmantec

 Strategic Partners 

Our Strategic Partners are technology experts and together we understand your business and solve problems to gain a new level of efficiencies.

Dassault Systemes Soluciones Sysmantec

Dassault Systèmes is the recognized world leader for its long history in the 3D modeling software industry, with tools such as Catia, Solidworks, Geovia and the 3DEXPERIENCE® platform.


Dassault Systémes is at the forefront of innovation in digital transformation and the solution of multiple problems, achieving proven efficiency in productivity and operations, covering practically all sectors of human activity.   

Software Application Solutions

Woods Hole Group Soluciones Sysmantec

Woods Hole Group, part of CLS, a leading provider of satellite services, is an international organization for environmental, coastal, ecological and oceanographic products and services.


They supply meta-ocean data collection equipment globally to support a variety of customers in the offshore industry including energy, oil, subsea pipelines, environmental monitoring, ports and fisheries management.


The applications of currents data measurement range from navigation and design of optimal routes, fuel savings, structural design of marine platforms, to comprehensive VMS systems for vessel monitoring for fishing regulation compliance.

Telemetry Solutions

Sectrio Soluciones Sysmantec

Sectrio, a division of Subex who is the most reliable global provider of telecommunications and cybersecurity solutions for 75% of the top 50 telecommunications companies in the world. Founded in 1992, the year the videophone was launched, Subex has been part of the evolution of mobile communications technology.


Sectrio secures converged OT, IoT, IT, and 5G networks through better asset visibility, reducing vulnerable attack surfaces, and early detection of latent threats.         

Cybersecurity Solutions

Inet Soluciones Sysmantec

iNet, Infrastructure Networks has the largest private 4G/5G LTE network serving remote communications for oil fields in Texas.


Combining LTE with state-of-the-art LEO (low earth orbit) satellite communications, iNet helps its customers optimize production, lower operating costs, and increase safety and environmental protection throughout all field operations. 

Telecommunications Solutions

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