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Nosotros Sysmantec

 About us 


We are a group of professionals with extensive experience in the Natural Resources and Critical Mission markets. We specialize in multiple Information Technology (IT) and Operations Technology (OT) projects integrating advanced Software Applications, IOT/Telemetry, Cybersecurity and Telecommunications.


Ample experience in Land, Maritime and Aviation environments.

More than 100 years of cummulative experience, innovating through creative solutions for specific requirements, engineering, integrating and developing our own solutions.


Highly trained technical team to provide on-site support, operating safely in remote environments.


Skills to execute with the most advanced technologies:​

  • Satellite telecommunications, network infrastructure.

  • Devices and analysis-diagnostics for cybersecurity.

  • Field telemetry, SCADA, control rooms, asset and personnel location systems, comprehensive Smart Field systems.

  • Advanced Applications for: Interactive Mapping, 3D Modeling, Simulation of Industrial Processes and Business Intelligence Platforms.

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