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Telecomunicaciones Sysmantec


We develop and deploy solutions for IP telephony and data transmission from anywhere on the planet, located on land, sea or air.

Explore our connectivity solutions.

As the foundation of our comprehensive Digital Transformation offer,

we provide various connectivity options for all environments:

Terrestrial, Maritime and Aeronautical, both for fixed and mobile sites, integrating services that include:

network engineering, equipment, installation, configuration, training and technical support.

1. Inm-C Global Maritime Safety Communications for SSAS/GMDSS compliance

Inm-C Global Maritime Security Communications for SSAS/GMDSS
Two-way satellite communication that provides a reliable lifeline in emergency situations.


To transmit ship-to-shore, shore-to-ship and ship-to-ship messages. Supports email, text, telex, charts and global weather updates. When time is critical, simply press the dedicated emergency button for 5 seconds to transmit an alert to the nearest Maritime Rescue Coordination Center, including your exact position, heading and speed.

Inmarsat-C meets the requirements of the International Maritime Organization (IMO).

Inmarsat Comunicaciones Seguridad marítima
Soluciones de Telecomunicaciones Sysmantec
Soluciones de Telecomunicaciones Sysmantec
Inmarsat Comunicaciones Banda Ancha marítima

2. Maritime Broadband Communications

FBB in L-Band for high availability 

Fleet Broadband (FBB) offers reliable global voice and data connectivity over the Inmarsat L-Band network.


Capabilities include simultaneous standard IP voice and data up to 432 kbps for Internet browsing and email, real-time electronic navigation charts and weather reports, IP streaming up to 256 kbps for live video applications; up to 9 voice lines from a single satellite terminal; GSM calls and texts from a mobile device with FB250 and FB500 terminals; and emergency calls.


It also supports IP, voice, and ISDN encryption equipment.

3. Fleet Xpress Maritime Broadband Communications combining Ka-Band and FBB

L-Band for higher speed and high availability

Fleet Xpress combines the high-speed broadband of the Inmarsat Global Xpress Ka-Band network with the reliability of the FBB L-Band service for continuous and secure connectivity in all weather conditions.

It delivers multi-megabit speeds that support video streaming services, video calls and VPN access, as well as telephony, email, messaging apps and the Internet.


Service plans include a choice of Committed (CIR) and Maximum (MIR) speeds with flexible terms.

Inmarsat Comunicaciones Banda Ancha marítima
Soluciones de Telecomunicaciones Sysmantec
Soluciones de Telecomunicaciones Sysmantec
Intelsat Comunicaciones Banda Ku

4. FlexMaritime Communications in High Performance Ku-Band (HTS)

Intelsat FlexMaritime provides global service through the EPIC network, high-performance Ku-Band spot beams using compact antennas (60 cm to 1 m).


Ideal for HD video, video conferencing, streaming media, telemedicine, as well as navigation charts and weather updates, high-quality voice, email with attachments, messaging applications, and the Internet.


Intelsat multi spot beam technology also enables interference mitigation for secure and resilient communications.

5. Certus Low Orbit (LEO) Global Communications in Iridium L-Band 

The Iridium Certus L-Band network of Low Earth Orbit (LEO) mesh satellites is designed for high reliability and low latency (data transmission / reception time between the terminal and the satellite).


With standard IP speeds of up to 704 kbps download and 352 kbps upload, it is ideal for high-quality voice calls, email, internet, video streaming, file transfer and IoT data, with a compact and easy-to-install terminal.

Iridium Comunicaciones globales
Soluciones de Telecomunicaciones Sysmantec
Soluciones de Telecomunicaciones Sysmantec
Red Starlink Sysmantec
Comunicaciones en la Red Starlink Sysmantec
Red Starlink Sysmantec
Starlink antena Sysmantec

6. Starlink Constellation network Communications, the most advanced and innovative in the world, through low orbit (LEO) satellites with great capabilities and low latency.

Starlink offers very high speed broadband internet for remote land and sea sites. Download speeds are up to 350 Mbps with a latency between 20 and 40 ms in the Enterprise version, with a high-performance terminal that is easy to configure through an application on a mobile device.


The indoor unit has integrated WiFi to provide high-speed internet access, the ability to connect multiple devices simultaneously (up to 20), video streaming in 4K quality, video conferences, email services and messaging applications from your computer or mobile device. “as if you were in your home or office network”. 

Optional Ethernet adapter to extend your local network, guaranteed bandwidth for critical operations, and as an additional integration, we offer 24x7 service monitoring, on-site technical support and custom application development.

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