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Sectores que atendemos Sysmantec

 Sectors  that we serve 

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Energy, Oil and Gas

From sensors in the field to monitoring and control panels, Sysmantec has the experience in various measurement and telemetry system integration projects to bring the data of your operation to a display screen on any device, enabling informed decision making in real time.


Whatever stage your project is in, Sysmantec offers both remote site communications, from portable for early exploration to fixed for exploitation and production, as well as advanced software applications for reservoir modeling, (digital twin) of the entire life cycle of the mine, tactical and strategic planning, simulation of scenarios and optimal management of resources to maximize the performance of the site.


From 3D CAD solutions for part design to performance simulation, stress analysis, optimization of production lines and comprehensive management of manufacturing plants with collaboration platforms and centralized single source of information repositories for version control and easy interaction between multidisciplinary teams.

Fábrica de automóviles
Ceremonia militar

Armed forces

Meeting the strictest communications and mobility needs of the armed forces, in land, sea and air environments, we provide high performance equipment, satellite airtime, configuration, integration to institutional voice and data networks, critical mission systems, installation and maintenance of teleports and remote equipment in the field, on various technological platforms and in compliance with Mexican telecommunications regulations.


For private aviation and air taxi fleets we provide aeronautical satellite communication systems and airtime fro the pasenger cabin, as well as cockpit cabin systems, flight planning and satcoms. Transparent connectivity for voice, data, messaging and streaming applications using the passenger devices themselves linked to a high-speed satellite channel available at any time and anywhere in the world.

Sobre las nubes
Buque de carga en el puerto


Comprehensive communication solutions, from critical systems for SSAS navigation, emergency GMDSS, to Internet, Voice and satellite data services in different networks, bandwidths, frequencies, speeds and maritime applications. Advanced fleet tracking systems, real-time navigation chart and weather information display integration, route management, fuel usage optimization, ship-to-shore systems for live onboard CCTV video transmission and operational monitoring of the boat, for coastal and high seas navigation.

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