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Aplicaciones de Software Sysmantec

 Advanced Software Applications 

We deploy advanced Software Applications.

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Dassault Systemes

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The 3DEXPERIENCE platform connects mining users with role-based applications in the cloud, where they can run GEOVIA applications in a fully collaborative online environment.

3DEXPERIENCE Social Collaboration Services enable mining professionals to collaborate effectively, whether working on projects at a single site or across multiple sites.

GEOVIA users can now access and take advantage of the full collaborative capabilities of the 3DEXPERIENCE platform, including data sharing, collaborative data lifecycle management, mining workflow collaboration and approvals, 3D content playback , and the ability to create platform-based dashboards to consolidate tasks and data.



Aplicaciones avanzadas de Software Sysmantec
Aplicaciones avanzadas de Software
Geovia GEMS Sysmantec



GEOVIA GEMS™ has been a leading solution for geology and mine planning.

GEMS provides capabilities for open pit and underground mining professionals to perform tasks such as exploration, modeling, mine design, long-term planning and production planning.

  • Immediate access to geological and mine planning data organized and updated in a centralized database.


  • Block model conversion engine between the different formats coming from different software packages.


  • Data security and auditing to improve compliance with industry regulations such as JORC, SAMREC, and NI 43-101.


GEOVIA SURPAC™ is the most popular geology and mine planning software in the world. It offers capabilities for open pit and underground operations for exploration projects in more than 120 countries.

It provides efficiency and accuracy through powerful, easy-to-use 3D graphics and workflow automation, which can be tailored to your specific processes and data flows.

  • It addresses all the requirements of geologists, researchers and mining engineers working in the resources sector.

  • It has enough flexibility to adapt to any commodity, mineral deposit or mining method.

  • Multilingual functionality that allows global companies to use a common solution for their operations.

GEOVIA Surpac Sysmantec


Aplicaciones avanzadas de Software Sysmantec
Aplicaciones avanzadas de Software Sysmantec


4. GEOVIA Minex™

GEOVIA MinexTM is the recognized world leader in integrated mine planning and geology solutions for coal and other stratified deposits.

Minex ensures that resources are accurately evaluated and efficiently extracted from exploration to rehabilitation.

  • It is a unique integrated solution, so data can be quickly shared between work teams, achieving savings in time and costs.


  • Powerful visualization and graphical representations that make greater precision possible.


  • Total integration with the stratigraphic model.

5. GEOVIA MineSched™

GEOVIA MineSched is the most advanced tactical mine planner for surface and underground mines of all sizes and types.

MineSched provides the scheduling capability to improve productivity and profits beyond what is possible with manual scheduling.

  • Fast, intuitive setup and guided workflows simplify mine planning to give engineers and mining operations departments true decision-making power.

  • Produces short- and long-term schedules that meet material quality and capacity targets.

  • Allows programming with pre-built blocks, grids, or polygon models originating from a variety of mine planning systems, including GEOVIA Surpac™ and other geology and mine planning products.

  • With automated goal-based tactical planning, no need to manually adjust schedules with Gantt charts or spreadsheets.

  • Schedules that improve the operational productivity and profitability of the mining site.

GEOVIA MineSched

GEOVIA MineSched™

Aplicaciones avanzadas de Software Sysmantec
Aplicaciones avanzadas de Software Sysmantec
GEOVIA Whittle

GEOVIA Whittle™

6. GEOVIA Whittle™

When exploration and mining companies need to evaluate the financial viability and the optimal mine strategy for a deposit, they turn to the industry leading strategic mine planning solution – GEOVIA Whittle™.

  • Companies depend on Whittle to help them determine their investment strategy and to deliver robust mine plans that maximize profitability by taking into account real mining constraints.

  • Whittle delivers trusted results and is used in scoping, feasibility, life-of-mine scheduling, and in the ongoing re-evaluation of mine plans throughout the production phase.

  • Because pit optimization alone is not enough to unlock the full economic potential of your operation, Whittle provides mine optimization, which enables significant increases in project value over and above pit optimization.

7. GEOVIA InSite™

GEOVIA InSite™ increases the level of confidence in the ability of mining operations to meet production targets, manage costs and improve efficiency.

InSite provides operations with real-time data analytics useful for decision making and plan compliance. By providing auditable transactions and master data management, InSite centralizes operational technologies and provides insights to drive the business excellence and agility required to thrive in fluctuating mining and market conditions.

  • Interactive graphical user interface, fully customizable dashboard that helps discover and understand all areas of variance in operational processes and daily activities.


  • All operational information in one location with key production data.

  • It allows you to quickly identify and solve operational problems.



Aplicaciones avanzadas de Software Sysmantec
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