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Ciberseguridad Sysmantec


Protecting your business starts with protecting your data.

Explore our solutions.

  • Critical Infrastructure Protection Service against cyber attacks.

  • Vulnerability analysis in industrial and manufacturing environments.

  • Recommendations to increase your level of protection.

  • Specialized consultancy to protect communication networks and equipment through preventive and corrective Cybersecurity analysis and diagnostics services.

  • Cellular call and message encryption solutions for secure and reliable communication.

Cibersecurity Sysmantec

Economic impact


Cyber attacks


  • Effect on the operation

  • Financial, fines, losses

  • Degradation of corporate image and reputation

  • Unavailability of services for customers

Auditoría de Ciberseguridad Sysmantec

Cybersecurity Audit

What does it consist of?

A cybersecurity audit or also called pentesting, is a penetration or intrusion test to a computer system with the aim of verifying that there are no security gaps through which cybercriminals can exploit the systems.
It is a planned and safe intrusion to detect vulnerabilities.


  • Identify vulnerabilities (Risks) and how to avoid them.

  • Define solutions for each vulnerability AND improve the protection of your business.

  • Guarantee the preservation of the confidentiality of critical data.

  • Control of your network against access, modification and improper use of your data.

  • Protect your business from data loss and leakage.

  • Prevent an intruder from altering the operation of your network and processes.

Servicios de Ciberseguridad Sysmantec

Types of Services

  • Audits and analysis (The 3 types of audits are suitable for any kind of business)

  • White Box
    • Access to the network from inside ($) - less time less cost.


  • Gray Box
    • Access to the network from inside with particular analyzes from outside ($$) - intermediate analysis.


  • Black box
    • Network access from outside ($$$). It is the most complete analysis, it requires more time, it simulates the attack of an external hacker.

  • Additional services

    • ​Perimeter security – Analysis of access procedures and technology.

    • Pharming (phishing) – User sensitivity tests to fake emails.

    • WIFI attacks – Analysis of remote access to wireless networks.

    • Equipment theft – It is simulated that an equipment is taken at random from an executive to try to obtain information from it and it measures the time it takes to restore the equipment to the executive.

    • Remediation.

    • Resolution of detected problems.

There are different Cybersecurity Services

Servicios de Auditoría de Ciberseguridad Sysmantec

Results of an Audit

What is found?

Many companies consider that cybersecurity only covers the data network, however it has been shown that the most vulnerable points are the users or individuals that are part of the organization and the processes that establish their activities.

What results do I get?

As a result of an audit the client obtains:

  • A complete report of the risks found, ordered by their criticality with a plan for specific actions to be implemented.


Actions can be performed by:

  • The Client IT team with our assistance or supervision.

  • By our team, with a complete remediation plan which may be presented after the results of the audit.

What is the chance of attack?

Cyber attacks are the enemies of companies caused by access to company data,

our daily life.

83% of Mexican companies suffer a cyberattack at least once a year, which places the country among the top 10 nations with the most attacks of this type and, although the figure is alarming, 70% of companies do not have an action plan, as the specialists at Willis Towers Watson point out.

In Mexico, between 2017 and 2018, there was a 40% increase in cases, making it the country with the highest number of cyber frauds in Latin America, above Brazil and ranking third worldwide. In 2011, cyber fraud in the country represented 8%, and in 2018, 59%.

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